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Welcome to the heart of transformation at Mantra MVMT. Our relentless dedication to psychedelic research, education, awareness, and lobbying efforts is driven by the powerful belief that Psychedelics Save Lives. As you stand with us in this mission, your donation becomes a catalyst for lasting impact.

How to Participate


Funding Research

By donating to Mantra MVMT, you're investing in cutting-edge research that explores the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. Your support paves the way for breakthrough treatments in mental health.


Amplifying Awareness

Donations fuel our campaigns to dispel myths and foster understanding around psychedelics. We strive to create an informed society that recognizes the healing possibilities these substances offer.


Driving Advocacy

Your contribution empowers us to advocate for policy changes that support responsible and compassionate access to psychedelic therapies. Together, we're influencing a brighter future for mental health treatments.



Get educated about psychedelics and the emerging renaissance. Stay up to date with all the latest research and science in the field. Learn how to hold space in ceremony and use these powerful medicines with the right protocol for success.

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Your donation reverberates beyond the present moment, shaping a world where mental health is nurtured, stigma is shattered, and personal growth is embraced.

Become a force for change today and proudly wear your conviction that Psychedelics Save Lives.